Zack Snyder to direct new `Superman`

Los Angeles: `300` director Zack Snyder has been roped in by Christopher Nolan to helm the renewed version of `Superman` franchise.

Snyder, who has directed films like `The Watchmen` and `Sucker Punch`, will work closely with `Inception` director to reboot the franchise.

Nolan, who revised the Batman franchise for Warner Bros, is all set to direct the third installment. Nolan will also produce the superhero film, a news daily reported.

"He provides that extra bit of wisdom to a process that sometimes lacks it. It`s the best situation we could be in for this character," Snyder said.

David Goyer, who scripted `Batman Begins`, is writing the script, which is based on a story by Goyer and Nolan.

"It`s still early in the process but I will say that the story that Chris and David have laid out is pretty awesome," Snyder said.

Actor Brandon Routh played the superhero in `Superman Returns` but is unlikely that the actor will be asked to reprise his role again.

The producers are hoping to get the new film ready for release into theaters for holiday 2012.

"It`s hard not to be a Superman fan with his place in pop culture and how iconographic he is," Snyder said.