Zoe Saldana loves working with guns

London: American actress Zoe Saldana enjoys working with guns and respects the weapons, as she has grown up with it.

"Women with guns is happening and it`s exciting. On a personal level, I have respect for weapons and I like using them. I grew up in a family of hunters so I`ve been around guns my whole life, although I would never actually hunt myself," contactmusic.com quoted Saldana as saying

"I`ve never taken a life, except maybe an ant or insect here and there. And it still haunts me,".she added.

The 33-year-old also revealed how she is "addicted to adrenalin" even though it often leaves her "black and blue".

Talking about her latest assassin movie "Colombiana", the 33-year-old said: "I always go home looking like a map. That`s what my mom tells me because I have black and blue all over the place. But I`m addicted to the adrenalin of being a physical person."


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