`AD` fined for horse ejaculation dialogue

Updated: Jun 05, 2010, 14:08 PM IST

New York: ‘American Dad’, a series popular for its tongue-in-cheek humour, pushed its luck a little too far, when it irked viewers over an indecent dialogue in its January 3rd episode.

According to reports by New York Daily News, the FCC is looking to fine Fox 25,000 dollars for failing to respond to its inquiry regarding the show``s Jan. 3 episode – which ruffled a lot of feathers following a racy dialogue in which it is implied that one character has given a horse an ejaculation.

The inquiry was made after the FCC received more than 100,000 indecency complaints about the episode, according to Variety magazine.

The FCC responded to a complaint by watchdog group Parents Television Council by issuing an inquiry to Fox requesting information from the network on all its affiliated stations that may have aired the episode.

The FCC``s Enforcement Bureau has since cited Fox``s "apparent willful and repeated violations" of a commission order to respond to the inquiry.

Fox issued a statement saying it was "puzzled" by the FCC``s action "in light of the fact that we responded to all of the questions related to the substance" of the investigation.

"We will respond in greater detail to the Commission in due course," a news daily quoted the network as saying.