`Anchoring is extension of being an actor`

Mumbai: Actor Pallavi Joshi, who is currently hosting music talent show `Marathi Saregamapa` for the eight season in a row, feels anchoring is an extension of being an actor.

"Being an anchor is certainly an extension of being an actor. An actor has to perform just for a few seconds in front of the camera. But an anchor has to get the entire show going," she told reporters.

"Being an anchor is certainly much more a difficult task as here you have to act more, pump in a lot of energy and see to it that everything goes off smoothly. You have to be on your toes all the time and ensure that nothing goes out of hand," said Pallavi, who has acted in movies like `Surag Ka Satvaan Godhaa`, `Riahee` and `Saudagar`.

The National Award winning actress, hosting the show on Zee Marathi for last four years, has literally become synonymous with the popular programme. Quizzed about this, Pallavi, known for her grace and wit, she said an anchor ought to become synonymous with the show he or she hosts.

"Take the case of Sonu Nigam or Oprah Winfrey. They overpowered their shows completely and they had to. Had they not done so, the shows would not have worked."

"An anchor acts as a catalyst and facilitates the happenings on the stage. He or she gives a sense of continuity to the show and has to carry it on his/her shoulders."

"Anchoring requires multitasking. For a particular schedule, I noticed that the participants were too raw. They did not know a thing about facing the camera. So, a lot of grooming (by me and our team) went in to present them well in front of the camera," Pallavi said.

"It is true that time and again I am complimented by the show`s judges and participants for my work. At times it is morale boosting, at times, ego-satisfying. One enthusiastic audience had even written a poem praising me and read it out for all."

"Ten years back I may have taken all this very differently. But today, I understand their feelings and what all must have gone into to pen it," the anchor-actor said.

Though having witnessed great heights as an anchor, Pallavi said she essentially is an actor first. "I do not take myself seriously as an anchor. I just try to be spontaneous and ensure that the show does not become depressing."

"Though I am not aping anyone, how to hold the audience captive or tap their nerve is what I have learnt from Annu Kapoor (the host of `Antakshari`). In my opinion, he was simply fantastic," she said.

Fourteen years after she essayed Kasturba Gandhi in Shyam Benegal`s `Making of Mahatma` in 1995, Pallavi played the title role in `Rita`, a Marathi movie directed by Renuka Shahane last year. The performance won her awards as well as critical acclaim.

"I had taken a sabbatical for my children. The script and character of `Rita` was so potent that I had to accept it.

Now that I have tasted blood again, I would accept roles if they are really worth it, she said adding or else, production
and `Saregamapa` keeps me busy," said Pallavi.

"I do not want to do the daily soaps. I also do not see myself anchoring a chat or comedy show."

Earlier, the actor has appeared in TV serials like `Mr Yogi`, `Alpviram`, `Mriganayani` and `Imtihaan`.

Pallavi has produced two extremely popular Marathi TV serials `Asambhav`, which dealt with rebirth, and `Anubandh` which revolves around the delicate issue of surrogacy.

So, after production, is going behind the camera next logical step? No, pat came the reply.

"Having married to a director (Vivek Agnihotri) I have left direction to him. Provided he does not start acting," quipped Pallavi.