`Bhoot Aya` will explain, not promote superstition

IANS| Updated: Oct 09, 2013, 18:59 PM IST

Mumbai:Gaurav Tiwari, CEO & Founder of Indian Paranormal Society (IPS), has joined hands with the makers of horror show `Bhoot Aya` and claims that it won`t promote superstition. Rather, it would explain the reasons behind paranormal activities in the human world.

Actors Akashdeep Sabir and Sheeba have produced `Bhoot Aya`, which will go on air Oct 13.

"Superstition happens when you believe something without any proof. But we have proof from all over the world, empirical evidences that prove that human consciousness can survive physical death. Quantum physics is working on it and there are a lot of answers," Gaurav said here Tuesday at the launch of the show.

"But those who say that spirits do not exist, do they have any proof? That is superstition because you are believing without any proof," he added.

"Bhoot Aya" will pick up real life stories of paranormal activities and Gaurav and others from the IPS will try to explain the reason behind them.

Gaurav believes the show will help create awareness about such things.

"We are saying that spirits are just like human beings, it`s only that they exist after death. We believe that we bring out the truth, making people aware and open minded," Gaurav said.

"If they are close minded and something like this happens with them, they will get scared. But if they believe then they can accept it and seek help," he added.