`Bigg Boss 7`: A sneak peek into the house

The seventh season of the controversial reality show is back and this time it’s filled with diabolical twists and turns

The seventh season of `Bigg Boss` has hit the television screens and Salman Khan returns as the host of the show for the fourth consecutive time. The `Dabbang` dude opened the doors of the house and welcome d the guests. Starting yesterday, 15 contestants will be locked inside the house and as many as 74 cameras will keep an eye on the contestants 24X7.

The theme of this season, as the makers are calling it is, Jannat (Heaven) and Jahannum (Hell). And considering the theme, the mad cap house has been divided into two parts. Yes, you read it right. The `Bigg Boss Saath 7` house will have the goodness of heaven and the wickedness of hell under the same roof. In other words, as Salman Khan says this time the `Bigg Boss` house will make everyone go WOW and AAAOW at the same time.

How will be the heaven part of the house? Well, this is the section where every housemate wants to be. From a swimming pool to comfortable beds to a fully equipped gym to an awesome kitchen (the place where contestants have the maximum fights), this section has best of the facilities. The heaven section where the contestants can expect serenity is colourful with a floral touch. The walls are not only colourful but also have some words and quotes written on it with much flair. For the first time, there is a clock in the living room. But there is more to it. Only time will tell.

Now moving on to the hell side of the `Bigg Boss` house, as the name suggests, this part of the house is not as exciting and lavish as the heaven part. This part of the house is a dungeon style with garage like setup with rough floors and walls. The beds are not very comfortable in this section as they have been arranged on floors. There is no such thing called as kitchen in this section. So, all the food here will come from the heaven side of the house. As if all this was not enough to punish the contestants living in the hell side, the loos inside this section will bring a tumultuous change in the lives of the contestants. The washroom has only Indian style sitting and the water has to be filled manually and used for all daily chores from a tap planted outside.

Apart from all these twists, the makers have added one more interesting twist to the show. `Bigg Boss` will be assisted by a ‘Warden’ who will keep a close eye on the inmates. This new element is common for both the sections of the house.

The `Bigg Boss` house has been designed by ace designer Omung Kumar who has successfully brought alive the essence of heaven and hell inside the house. Kudos!

bollywoodlife.com/Vinod Talreja