`Bigg Boss 7` dairies day 16: Why is Ratan Rajput taking a cow dung bath?

It’s that day when Bigg Boss 7 house inmates move from all the talking to action – tasks!

Ratan Rajput in a tub full of cow dung, taking a luxury bath for almost an hour – that definitely stinks! No that’s no fetish that this petite TV star has, but that was a task that Ms Rajput completed and earned a point for her hell teammates in the Bigg Boss 7 house. The task was originally assigned to Elli Avram who turned it down.

Bigg Boss announced a new wacky luxury budget task – scientists and guinea pigs. As a part of which smoke was released in the house and everyone was asked to vacate the house. Then an announcement was made – the hell-mates were infected by a deadly virus and that they needed treatment that only the heaven-mates (doctors/scientists) could treat. The woes of the hell-mates multiplied as they were put on a liquid diet as part of the treatment. The doctors were not allowed to touch the infected hell-mates else they will get infected.

As part of the first treatment, Bigg Boss called doctors Gauahar and Tanisha in the lab and asked them to give 2 names who will take the treatment of getting their hair coloured. After discussing, Tanisha and Gauahar gave Andy and Kamya Punjabi’s name. Andy and Kamya were called inside the lab and Bigg Boss said that if they refused to do the task, they will lose a point and the heaven-mates will earn it. But Kamya and Andy sportingly agreed to get the treatment, which helped them gain a point.

Bigg Boss then announced that he has found the second treatment and called doctors Shilpa Agnihotri and Anita Advani inside the lab and there they saw a tub filled with cow-dung and Ratan sportingly took up this task.

As part of the third treatment, doctors Armaan and Tanisha were called in the lab. When they entered they saw three boxes that were kept, labelled as rats, snakes and spiders. But inside boxes were pineapples, a fake snake and toilet brush. They were asked to give a name who will be bound in a chair and blindfolded and will be given the impression that the actual animals are crawling on them. First they took Pratyusha’s name but after hearing the task, she refused to do it. Later they suggested Andy’s name. Andy readily agreed to do it, which earned them another point.

Now if we were to play this game with the Bigg Boss 7 house inmates we would chose the Gauhar as the Dil ka doctor; any guesses on who her patient would be?

Rashma Shetty Bali