`Bigg Boss 7` diaries day 3: Armaan Kohli boycotts food, Gauhar Khan gets irritated

Bollywood Life| Updated: Sep 19, 2013, 12:02 PM IST

Food has always been the cause of fights between housemates in every season and BB7 is no different!

The third day at the Bigg Boss house starts with issues between hell and heaven where food seems to be the biggest concern amongst all. The housemates have limitations for food, the Jannat-wasis are trying hard to make ends meet and provide everyone with their needs, but someone will always remain dissatisfied.

Armaan Kohli however doesn’t seem to be very considerate about the same and his demands seem to irk the heaven mates. During lunch time, he asks for more dal and accuses the heaven-mates for ignoring his needs. He also happens to spill the food that is offered to him which obviously upsets other housemates.

The Task Intensifies

Later during the day, Bigg Boss announces that the wheel task is successful but at the same time adds a second condition to it. According to the task, the hell mates have to churn the wheels even if the heaven mates are sitting or taking rest. Considering the efforts of Jahannum wasis, they decide to stand until the task is over.

VJ Andy has fun and Anita Advani spills secrets

After all the stress and tension faced by the housemates throughout the day, we will see, VJ Andy and Sangram Singh enjoying some playful moments. On the other side, hell-mates will be seen making fun of Elli Avram’s broken Hindi. In the evening, Anita Advani is seen getting chatty with Andy and opening her heart out about her relationship with the late Rajesh Khanna. She the moments that she shared with him and how she misses his presence.

Rules Break

Further in the day, the hell-mates will be seen breaking the basic rule of the Bigg Boss house i.e. of enjoying sleep in the latter half of the day. Even the dog alarm didn’t work for them. Owing to this, they are told that their luxury budget has been affected.

Armaan Kohli boycotts food

The fight over food continues through the evening and leads to an outburst between Gauhar Khan and Armaan. The housemates on both sides try to control their emotions but all in vain.

Gauhar feels that Armaan should take things more seriously and be more cooperative. Other housemates including Shilpa Agnihotri, Sangram and Anita were seen expressing a concern about Armaan’s behavior and the way he disrespects food. The fight ends with Armaan declaring that he will boycott food if the attitude of heaven-mates remains the same. Looks like the demarcation between heaven and hell is finally hitting the parties on both sides and Armaan is definitely rubbing people the wrong way.

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