`Bigg Boss 7`: I`ve come out with a clean slate, says Kamya Punjabi

Mumbai:Television actress Kamya Punjabi who was evicted from `Bigg Boss` Saturday says she has come out stronger from the experience.

"Everyone was constantly bickering, complaining and fighting. It was very difficult for me to keep my cool. But I think I managed," says Kamya who however could not achieve what she had set out to achieve.

Confesses Kamya: "I had gone to escape the pain of a broken relationship.I got divorced in August. It ended my marriage of 13 years. I was numbed. I was not able to face up to my mother and my daughter. I bottled up my emotions. I refuse to face up to my disappointment and hurt. Instead, I went into `Bigg Boss` to forget my pain."

Inside the "Bigg Boss" house Kamya encountered a chaos that left her zapped. "The pain that I went in with remained with me. I`ve come out stronger and I am ready to face up to my pain now."

Kamya also came away with a dear friend. "Pratyusha Bannerjee ... she is my friend for life. She is all heart. We`ll remain friends forever. And no enemies. None at all. I`ve no ill feelings at all towards anyone. All the people inside `Bigg Boss` have taught me to be strong and patient."

Kamya has no future plans for now. "I`ve come out with a clean slate. I don`t know what I am going to do next. Right now, all I can think of is my daughter and mother. I just want to feel normal."

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