`Bigg Boss 7’: Salman asks Tanishaa to take a stand on Armaan

Zee Media Bureau

Mumbai: Salman Khan was seen advocating respect and dignity for womanhood on Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss as he asked Tanishaa Mukerji to retaliate in case Armaan tries to throw his weight around her in future again.

Tanishaa has always been soft on her aggressive and brash “friend” Armaan, who has been extremely rude to her more often than not. And hence Salman felt that Tanishaa was setting up a wrong example by remaining suppressed in front of a man. He wanted Tanishaa to make a loud noise against any man who would insult womanhood.

Salman even said that his own family wondered why Tanishaa was taking all the insults by remaining quiet. The industry heavyweight said that women must fight for their rights and not let any man take them for granted.

A caller on the show questioned Armaan about his rude behaviour. An embarrassed Armaan could do little but apologise to Tanishaa on the show. The caller from Delhi appreciated Salman’s views on woman’s rights and said he agreed with the superstar’s take on Tanishaa’s submissive approach towards Armaan.

Tanishaa realised her mistake and promised that she will speak up for her dignity.