`Bigg Boss 7`: Why is Armaan Kohli getting furious?

Bollywood Life| Updated: Sep 18, 2013, 15:54 PM IST

Finally we witness the first fight on day 2 at the mad cap house. Read on to know more…

Day 2 started with Bigg Boss pulling off the basic necessities like water and gas supply from the house. While some housemates were smart enough to understand that there is a task coming their way while some housemates like VJ Andy and Sangram Singh weren’t too smart.

While everyone was trying to figure out what exactly is happening in the house, we hear a female voice (the newly introduced warden) which informed all the housemates that the water and gas facilities have been pulled off and the Jahannum-wasis are supposed to do a task to ensure that the heaven side gets back these facilities. They were asked to churn two wheels which triggered water and gas supply.

Though the Jahannum-wasis initially took to the task with enthusiasm, they were soon let down after the Jannat-wasis didn’t show much appreciation for their collective effort. The hell mates got to see an angry Armaan Kohli breathe fury on the heaven mates. Now, we wonder why is Armaan getting so furious about the task. Wasn’t he aware of the concept of the show before he signed the contract?

VJ Andy continues to be at his controversial best

The show continued and we saw Andy at his weird, attention seeking and controversial best. From flirting and feeling up the Haryanavi jatt Sangram Singh to making fun of Pratyusha Banerjee’s spiritual beliefs, he did it all. We really don’t know what’s cooking in his mind. Is this just a beginning of his game in the show?

Sangram Singh takes Hazel Keech’s case

We also Sangram making fun of Hazel Keech’s not so good Hindi. He was like those roadside jatts who poke fun at foreigners. Looks like he has not come across to this saying in Hindi – Mehmaan Bhagwaan hota hai.

Some housemates bitch about Anita Advani

Then we saw Pratyusha, Kushal Tandon, Armaan and Kamya Punjabi cribbing about the task given to them and bitching about Anita Advani. These four were of the opinion that the long standing live-in partner of late actor Rajesh Khanna doesn’t deserve to be on the show and was quite fake. Looks like these four housemates are not aware of the fact that whoever is involved in a controversy gets a ticket to the glass-walled house. After all they are also inside the Bigg Boss house for their controversies, isn’t it?

Pratyusha Banerjee – A delicate darling

At the end of the show, we witnessed Pratyusha getting a small cut on the hand due to the big wheel of the task. Phir kya hua? A big tamaashaa followed with everyone trying to calm down the delicate darling. This signaled the close of day 2. Well, we are so sure that Pratyusha must be cursing Andy and Tanishaa for sending her to the hell section of the house. Wink wink.

On the whole, day 2 of the Bigg Boss house was not that great. The only interesting part was the first fight that we got to witness. We hope that these contestants will add some masala to the show in the coming days. Period.

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