`Bigg Boss 7` : Will Asif Azim add some spice to the show?

Asif entered the Bigg Boss house yesterday as the first wild card entry of this season

So we witnessed a dramatic wild card entry in yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 7 with supermodel Asif Azim of Bangaldeshi origin coming out of the swimming pool wearing nothing but only small black trunks. We are sure that after looking at him, all the gals in the house must have gone ooh la la. But will Asif add some zing to the show? We don’t know yet but we surely know about what happened when Asif entered the mad cap house.

Tonight’s episode will mark the first day for Asif in the Bigg Boss house and he will be seen mingling with the other inmates. To make Asif familiar with other members of the house, Bigg Boss will give a task to the housemates where every member in the house has to tag the other housemate on the basis of characteristics written on a card. Later, the person who has been tagged needs to guess the name of the housemate who gave him/her that tag.

Bigg Boss will give the responsibility to Tanishaa to lead this session and ensure that everybody read about their name tags. While the session will be in full swing, it will get more interesting when Kamya will tag Gauahar as jhoothi (liar). Now Gauhar is not from those people who will get insulted without saying anything, right? She will question Kamya about the reason for tagging her as a jhoothi. Kamya will remind her about the argument over the swap nomination which is why she called her a liar.

Gauahar will not appreciate Kamya’s behavior. However, Tanishaa will act as the peacemaker and will take the session ahead.

Now, we don’t know about Asif but Kamya and Gauhar are surely adding a lot of spice to the show.

Vinod Talreja