`Bigg Boss` a game of TRPs, says ex contestant Pooja Misra

IANS| Updated: Nov 17, 2013, 16:54 PM IST

New Delhi: Reality TV star Pooja Misra describes `Bigg Boss` as "controversial" and says that the participants have to sign a "Hitler`s contract" before entering the reality show.

Pooja, who featured in the fifth season of `Bigg Boss 5`, said: "`Bigg Boss` is a very controversial show. Staying in the `Bigg Boss` house can break you down."

"Whatever is shown on TV is a gist of what the contestants do in 24 hours. So many times the one hour is all about the negative aspect of a contestant. It`s all a game of TRP. I was shattered when I left the `Bigg Boss` house, but I`m a positive person now. I reinvented myself. One needs to rise from the ashes, like a Phoenix," she added.

Pooja, who will soon be in item song `Tilasmi` from upcoming movie `Hum Baaja Baja Denge`, first made her debut on reality TV through `Big Switch`.

"I was a part of `Big Switch` and had just gotten out when `Bigg Boss` was offered to me. I did not want to be a part of the show because I knew what all controversies a reality show can lead to. But, then a friend of mine persuaded me to participate in it," she said.

The contestants who enter the show are asked to sign a contract and Pooja has called it a `Hitler`s contract`.

"The `Bigg Boss` contract is like a Hitler`s contract, it`s huge, it`s thick, it`s more than 100 pages with so many do`s and don`ts. I literally passed out while reading the contract, so my lawyer had to go through it. After reading it and asking for a couple of changes, we finalised it."

Asked if the contestants are told to do certain things inside the `Bigg Boss` house, she said: "Nobody told me anything because they knew it will backfire, but there were a few contestants who said that they were asked to do a couple of things."

"But, what I can say is that the situation arises because of the kind of task that are given to contestants. These tasks are something that automatically triggers fights," Pooja said.