`Jo Biwi..` will change men`s outlook on cooking: Arjun Bijlani

Mumbai: Actor Arjun Bijlani says while shooting for cookery-cum-fiction show `Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar` he realised cooking is not easy. He feels viewers, especially husbands and boyfriends, will understand it after watching the series.

"Now that I am doing it (cooking) in the show, I have realised there is so much of hard work that is put in even cooking a simple dish," Arjun said here at the launch of the show.

`Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar` will go on air Oct 28 and Shweta Gulati will be seen as Arjun`s wife in it. The show will revolve around a young couple, who find interesting ways to spend time with each other, despite their hectic professional life. Each episode will bring a new recipe.

"Through the show people, especially husbands and boyfriends, will learn that cooking is not that easy. If any dish is not made well or they don`t like it, they say, `It`s not cooked well or this does not have this and that...` So easily we guys complain,"

"After watching the show, people will change their view and realise cooking is not an easy job," he added.

In real life the actor, who is married to his longtime girlfriend Neha Swami, is not good at cooking but he does help his wife in the kitchen.

"Neha (my wife) and I cook together in the kitchen whenever we feel like, or if she is cooking, then I go and stand beside her in the kitchen," Arjun, last seen in the show `Remix`, said.

"Sometimes I also help in cutting onion. There are some things, which makes them (wives) feel good," he added.