`Roadies X` launched, Raghu Ram says they`ve made history

New Delhi: ‘Roadies’ is coming out with its 10th season and producer Raghu Ram says they have created history as nobody thought the adventure reality show will survive for a decade when it debuted in 2003.

"We are creating history. I believe so because in reality television nobody thought this would happen. This is the 10th year of the show. This is first reality show in India to hit season 10. Others don`t go beyond two-three seasons," Raghu told IANS.

"There is something called format fatigue. Viewers get tired of it. All the other shows that I know of are based on international formats. Ours is an indigenous, original format," he added.

Raghu was here Friday with VJ-turned-actor Rannvijay Singh, who was the winner of the first season, to launch the 10th season of the series titled "Roadies X - Battle For Glory".

The new show will see best friends Raghu and Rannvijay competing with each other along with their respective teams.

They have brought an interesting twist in the selection procedure. While Raghu will pick the best from the previous seasons, Rannvijay`s team will have fresh faces.

The auditions for the same have started.

The show has been critisised for its rowdy and abusive content, but Raghu is unperturbed.

"Actually what those guys (critics) think does not matter to me because that is not what the show is about. They have missed the point. No matter what I do, they will think like that," he said.

All the action for "Roadies X..." will take part in India - the team will travel to the northeast before moving to other parts of the country.