`Spartacus: Season 2’ will be sexier, more violent than first

Washington: Television series ‘Spartacus’ has been famous for its sex and violence, and its season 2 will be sexier and more violent than the first.

The new season will begin next month and in the first episode itself viewers will be treated to beheadings, throat slashings, full-frontal nudity and countless sex scenes between masters and slaves, men and women.

“That’s nothing, mate. I’m forbidding my parents to watch,” Fox News quoted Lucy Lawless, 42, the New Zealander who shot to fame as Xena, as saying.

“Well, I’d like to - but unfortunately they’re grownups, and I can’t really tell them what to do.

“But I cringe to think of them watching the prequel,” Lawless, who plays Lucretia, the wife of the owner of the gladiator school, stated.

The first season of ‘Spartacus’ told the story of the origin of the gladiator who became famous in the arena and then led a slave rebellion against Rome.

It debuted to more than 500,000 viewers - and then grew. More than 1.2 million viewers saw the season finale.

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