`Supernatural` spin-off in works

Los Angeles: Supernatural executive producer Jeremy Carver has confirmed that a spin-off of the show is still being considered.

A potential offshoot entitled `Supernatural: Bloodlines` was developed last pilot season, with a back door pilot airing as part of `Supernatural`s ninth season, but the show failed to secure a pickup, reportedly.

"Right now, we`re just looking at the white board and deciding whether there`s something here that we can do," Carver said backstage at Comic-Con last weekend.

"Last year, I think it`s fair to say that we went to the not-obvious version of a spinoff. There were reasons that we did that, but now we continue to kick it around and see whether there`s something more there," he added.

`Supernatural` season 10 begins on the CW on October 7.