‘A celebrity`s life is a vicious cycle’

New Delhi: She almost gets into the shoes of a Bollywood celebrity`s life when she takes their biggest fans on a day`s tour for ‘Live My Life’ and becomes a critic when she reviews the fashion quotient of actors on ‘Style Addict’. TV anchor Shamoly Khera enjoys all that, but describes a celebrity`s life as a "vicious cycle".

As the host of a show like ‘Live My Life’, she has learnt the nitty-gritty of a busy celeb`s life.

Shamoly told reporters: "I have been through all of them. I think the best part would obviously be the sort of importance celebrities get in their existence. It`s quite enamouring watching them move around with an entourage of their personal assistants, make-up person, hair person, etc. and every need being answered pronto."

"The worst part would be the fact that their time is not theirs - they owe a lot of their lifestyle and comforts to the media and the audience and the constant reminder of this does oblige them to work more. It`s like a vicious cycle!"

The 25-year-old graduated as a dermatologist and post-graduated as a cosmetologist before she stepped into the world of glamour. Shamoly is not star struck and sees celebrities like any other professional.

"Being born and brought up in Mumbai, I am fortunately not fanatical about the actors. They are just professional people doing their job well on a highly visible medium," she said.

"If for a day, I wouldn`t mind trying the life of a princess, like the late Maharani Gayatri Devi - I`d deck myself in jewels, wear exquisite saris, give memorable speeches, play polo and have servants catering to the smallest needs. Now that would be interesting!"

Even living a life as hectic as a Bollywood actor`s is something she is game for.

"I am absolutely cool with the idea of working that hard. It`s something that studying medicine has ingrained in my system. But, yes, being constantly scrutinised for every single move, laugh and giggle with a co-star...I think I would be highly sensitive to it.

"So I guess I`ll live like the cat who shuts her eyes and thinks no one is watching her! So now with `Live My Life` and `Style Addict`, I believe that it`s a great start for myself," said Shamoly.

Having passed out from Barry John`s Acting School three years back, Shamoly has pursued theatre as well as worked in six short films associated with Subhash Ghai`s Whistling Woods International.

She has Bollywood dreams but at present loves what she is doing.

"Anchoring is just an extension of being a performer. I always say that it`s part-acting, because I am `playing` an anchor. When UTV Stars came along I instantly agreed as I got an opportunity to not only be a face for the channel but also script and produce my own shows.

"So the medium will of course change and grow, be it television, a theatre stage or a cinema screen. None of it is ultimate, the roles or characters that I would play should be the ultimate ones," she said.