A first, 2 contestants quit `Survivor`

London: For one night, `Survivor` became `quitter`.

Two contestants quit the CBS game in an episode aired on Wednesday. That`s a first for the show, which has had only four others leave of their own choice in a history that goes back a decade.

NaOnka Mixon, a 27-year-old gym teacher from Los Angeles, said relentless rain at the show`s Nicaragua setting made her joints ache. Mixon hasn`t been a fan favorite, since cameras once caught her stealing food from her fellow players.

She left with one head-shaking act of selfishness. After being part of a winning team in a reward challenge where the prize was a movie screening with popcorn and hot dogs to eat, host Jeff Probst asked for one volunteer to give up the prize in order to give the losers extra rice and a tarp. Even though she had already said she was going home, Mixon wouldn`t volunteer — leaving the hero turn to Holly Hoffman, a 44-year-old swim coach from Eureka, S.D.

The other quitter was 20-year-old Kelly Shinn, a nursing student from Mesa, Ariz. Shinn said: "I just feel like I`m breaking down."

Hoffman tried to talk her out of it, saying she`ll face tougher things in life, and that she`ll always be known as the girl who quit "Survivor."

She quit anyway, leaving seven contestants in the running for a $1 million prize.

The women leaving didn`t get much sympathy.

"Get out," Probst said as he snuffed out Shinn`s torch.

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