Abhay Bhargava to be Karan's off screen father-in-law too

IANS| Updated: Mar 13, 2015, 19:03 PM IST

New Delhi: Actor Abhay Bhargava, who plays Mr. Iyer, father-in-law of Raman Bhalla (essayed by Karan Patel) in popular soap opera “Ye Hai Mohabbatein”, will soon be his father-in-law in real life too!

Karan is tying the knot with Abhay's daughter Ankita. 

Abhay says his soon to be son-in-law didn't meet his daughter on the show set. In fact, the duo had first met at a party at his home.

“My daughter Ankita has never visited our set. I had thrown a party for the 'Ye Hai Mohabbatein' cast at home recently, that was when Karan and she met,” Abhay said in a statement.

Abhay added that Aly Goni, another of his co-stars on the show, suggested that Karan and Ankita are “perfect for each other”. 

He said: “Aly spoke to Karan’s parents, who saw Ankita’s picture and within an hour they got back to us saying they wanted her to be their daughter-in-law. I am aware of Karan’s past but I know that his good qualities outdo the bad ones, so I’m happy.”