Adam Levine hates reality shows

London: `Maroon 5` frontman Adam Levine says his life is beautiful because he does not watch reality TV shows.

The 33-year-old singer and judge on `The Voice` said he is not a fan of `Keeping up with the Kardashians` because it is too ordinary, reported Femalefirst.

"No, I don`t watch realist shows because I don`t care! I don`t and my life is beautiful because I don`t! The funniest part about it is it`s not disrespectful or anything, but I like artfulness, I don`t need to watch someone go to the supermarket," he said.

Levine said he is keen to keep his own personal life away from the cameras and out of the news.

"I`ve thought about it a lot and it`s seriously not something that I enjoy hearing about from others, so why would I want to become part of the problem."