Adele snubs ITV’s new music show after Brit Awards row

London: Adele, who recently made headlines for flipping her middle finger at the Brit Awards after her acceptance speech was interrupted to introduce ‘Blur’, appears to have had the final world on the matter by reportedly snubbing ITV and their new music show.

According to sources close to the singer, she has told the channel that she will now not be performing on their new prime time music show and will go to rival BBC One instead.

It has also been revealed that the 23-year-old singer took to the stage at the Brits with a brave face, having raced to the award show after being at her grandmother Rose’s hospital bedside after she had a heart attack.

According to the Daily Star, the producers of the new show, which will air next month and is being hosted by Christine Bleakley, said the ‘21’ hitmaker turned down the chance to appear on it after the way she was treated at the Brits.
Adele will instead perform on ‘The Voice’, the BBC’s rival talent show, which starts in March.

“Adele was embarrassed by the way she was treated in front of millions of viewers by ITV,” the Daily Mail quoted the source as saying.

“By turning down a music special with the network and also appearing on its main rival``s music show she is giving them the ultimate one-fingered salute.

“Adele is the biggest British name in music at the moment and her refusal to work with ITV will hit them hard,” the source added.