Agnivesh makes poetic entry into Bigg Boss house

Zeenews Showbiz Bureau

Mumbai: Social activist Swami Agnivesh made quiet a `poetic` entry into Bigg Boss house. Agnivesh was welcomed by all members of the house but, interestingly, not many members of the house knew who he was!

Unlike the norm in the house, Agnivesh didn’t walk in through the main entrance but was air-dropped directly into the `confession room` of the house to ensure that his entry would come as a surprise to the inmates.

Big Boss then assigned Pooja Bedi the responsibility of taking care of him.

She went ahead and introduced the social activist to other house mates. Although all of them welcomed him happily but it was apparent that not many knew who he exactly was.

Siddarth said he thought Agnivesh was some palmistry expert; he was seconded by Mehak amid laughter and surprise over the new member of the house.

Agnivesh first motive was to secure the house captain`s independent room, currently occupied by Shraddha, for himself.

After initial reluctance, the `jalebi bai` sought Bigg Boss` permission for the same; which was later granted.

Agnivesh thanked Shradha by quoting a hindi poet, he said, "Naari tum shraddha ho".

As expected one of the first queries the house mates had for Agnivesh was about the Lokpal movement started by Anna Hazare.

Agnivesh had been a core member of Team Anna before he was forced out over his involvement in an alleged conspiracy to derail the Lokpal movement.

However, he didn’t reveal anything about his differences with Anna Hazare and his team.

Agnivesh said, "We had started the movement on January 30. The movement has spread across the nation...the nation has now become hopeful that there would be a strong anti-corruption step in the form of the Lokpal bill."

However, to the credit of Agnivesh his entry seems to have brought some semblance of order in the house that has seen lot of bad blood, accusations and counter accusations in the past few weeks.

Agnivesh has just entered the house, as per reports he would stay only for a couple of days, but nonetheless his entry has added flavour to the daily dose of heady concoction `Bigg Boss`.

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