America Ferrera returning to TV?

Updated: May 19, 2013, 10:07 AM IST

London: Actress America Ferrera, who first found fame in `Ugly Betty`, is reportedly planning a return to TV.

Ferrera will be part of `Pedro & Maria, a contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare`s `Romeo and Juliet`, reported Contactmusic.

Although Ferrera found fame as the titular character in `Ugly Betty`, earning an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for her performance, she has previously said she nearly quit acting to follow her academic dream until one of her professors gave her some helpful encouragement.

The star, who graduated from the University of Southern California earlier this week, said, "I always wanted to go to college and get my education although I always wanted to be an actor.

"I never knew how those two things would work with each other and this was revealed to me in my first year of college here."