Ashmit has handled nasty `Bigg Boss` inmates maturely: Ameesha

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel says her younger brother Ashmit who is locked up in the `Bigg Boss` house and was recently the target of inmate Dolly Bindra`s loud and nasty comments about his past has handled the situation in a very mature manner.

Ashmit, who is one of the contestants in ‘Bigg Boss’, was involved in an MMS scandal in the past.

"I think he has done a good job, he has been very honest about everything and of course you have those nasty people who always try to create controversies; but I think my brother has handled it in a very mature way," Ameesha, who was here to present designer Rocky S` collection, told reporters.

"I am following the `Bigg Boss` show regularly because that is the only place where I get to see my brother, as we are not allowed to talk to him, no mobile or landline facility."

Ameesha also very sportingly tagged her brother as the "hot eye-candy" of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, who has been romantically linked to TV actress Sara khan and Pakistani actress Veena Mallik.

"I think he has got the right combination of being a friend and a flirt to everybody inside and I think it is great. I hear it often from other`s that your brother is the only hot person and eye-candy in the house.

"Girls better chase him because if he is not flirting back then there is something wrong with him - he is not my brother. And everybody knows it is a show at the end of the day; it is not that he is going to get a bride back home."

The 35-year-old also admits she guides her brother on how to handle and deal with women.

"I have always told him to respect a woman and never hurt her feelings. There is no harm in healthy flirting till the time it makes the other one feel special. I don`t like women getting insulted and have always advised him not to do that."

‘Bigg Boss 4’, being shot at a house in Lonavala, started Oct 3 with 13 contestants in a house without any communication with the outside world. The contestants are under constant camera surveillance. Ten contestants now remain on the show after three weeks.