ATM, a street and a day named after The Great Khali!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: He is big, he is huge, he fights for a living and he is on national television’s most popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4’. Enough to stir you up? But, what is even more exciting is the man’s craze all over the globe. From India to Mexico, his fans transcend the seven seas. Standing at 7 feet 3 inches, WWE wrestler The Great Khali has a street and an ATM machine named after him in the outskirts of Delhi and Haryana and on August 13, last year, The Great Khali Day was celebrated in a state in Mexico!

Talking about the love that’s bestowed on him world over, The Great Khali says, “It’s an honour for me. It’s humbling when someone shows so much adulation towards you. I didn’t know I had so many followers of WWE in India and Mexico. My family and my wife feel really proud of it.”

Recently, Khali joined mates at ‘Bigg Boss 4’ as a wild card entrant. The House runs on limited ration. The wrestler eats over 20 eggs for breakfast alone. Is he apprehensive that his diet and health will go for a toss in the course of the show?

Khali doesn’t seem too concerned and says, “I am sure I will be able to adjust with the conditions inside the House and the limited food that is provided. It’s a competition and only the fittest and the smartest will survive.”

Well, there is no doubt about it and coming from the Great Khali, there is hardly anyone who would like to differ!