Audience adores character, not the actor: Hrishikesh Pandey

Mumbai: Adulation of fans has never put pressure on Hrishikesh Pandey, as the seasoned TV actor feels people are crazier about the character rather than the actor.

"In TV, people like your character and appreciate you. So all this should not affect me as a person. The fans are basically only crazy about the character. The problem arises when you don`t realise that," he told IANS.

Pandey has been a part of shows like ‘Kohi Apna Sa’, ‘Saakshi’ and is currently seen in ‘C.I.D’. The actor calls himself lucky to be associated with the show.

"I am proud to be associated with this show. When I forayed into television, `C.I.D` was already on air. After that I did many shows and fortunately I was lucky to keep getting offers, but `C.I.D` is `C.I.D`," said Hrishikesh.

The show has been there for so many years and has such huge fan following. "Other shows have a limited fan following, but C.I.D, people from all age groups love it. The reach is so much," he added.

Another show very close to his heart is his first show ‘Kohi Apna Sa’.

"The first show is always special, which was `Kohi Apna Sa` for Zee TV. I was new and I learnt a lot from the show," he said.

Asked about the sudden inflow of talent in the television industry, the actor said he has a lot of respect for people who are doing good work today.

"At the end of the day, what matters is survival. There are people who are good. Stardom is a skill, you can do great or be one show wonders. I appreciate people who have been there and have been working. But I guess everyone should have their chance," said the actor.

Hrishikesh seems to be satisfied with the ‘C.I.D’ at the moment and is not looking for any other shows.

"Offers keep coming. But at the moment I am happy with CID, there is no question of doing anything else," he said.


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