BBC says Christine Bleakley not worth a £2m offer

London: BBC bosses have ruled out a megabucks deal to keep Christine Bleakley at the channel.

Sources had claimed that the One Show presenter was being offered a 2 million pounds deal to prevent her from leaving to join Adrian Chiles at GMTV.

However, bosses at the BBC have said that they do not think that Bleakley is worth the money.

“Christine’s good, but she’s not that good. We’re not in the business of handing out pay rises 20 times someone’s current salary, whoever they are,” the Daily Star quoted a Corporation executive as saying.

Industry pundits believe that the news strengthens rumours that Christine will defect from the channel when her contract expires in the autumn.

But another BBC source said that Bleakley would remain as presenter of The One Show.

"We`re confident Christine`s going nowhere. She is a very important presenter for us. But talk of vast salaries is all PR hype," he said.