Behind American Idol, Cowell had fall-out with guitar teacher

London: Music mogul Simon Cowell, who is famous for shows like ‘American Idol’ and ‘The X factor’, has revealed that as a youngster he gave up the dream of becoming a superstar musician following a fall-out with his guitar teacher.

Cowell wanted to become a rock star while growing up. So he began learning the guitar aged 12, but his dream was shattered by a nasty argument with his tutor, reports a website.

"I was bought an electric guitar when I was 12 but my guitar teacher beat me up. I didn`t like guitar lessons and I got quite bored," Cowell told a British newspaper.

"My teacher was obviously bored giving me lessons, and one day I offered him a liquorice toffee but he didn`t answer. So I threw it at him, it hit him in the face and he sort of beat me up. And that was the last guitar lesson I had."

"That was the turning point, David, when I decided I needed to be behind the scenes and not a musician," he added.


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