Benedict Cumberbatch not quitting `Sherlock` anytime soon

London: Actor Benedict Cumberbatch says he has no plans of quitting the hit British TV series `Sherlock`, as he finds it interesting to play the famous fictional detective.

The 37-year-old actor has received many awards for properly portraying Sherlock, reported Daily Express.

"I`ll keep doing it as long as (Sherlock) grows, as long as I feel he`s developing and there`s stuff we`re all being challenged by and that`s being loyal to the original stories as well," Cumberbatch said.

"The show hasdone a lot. I won`t say it changed my life, because I had a huge break at the same time as this role first came to fruition. It was sort of the perfect storm of all mediums coming together at the same time, television, film and theatre, even some radio," he added.

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