Benjamin Bratt returns to TV in ‘Private Practice’

Miami: Benjamin Bratt is returning to television as a regular character in the series ‘Private Practice’ and in a special appearance in the comedy ‘Modern Family.’

According to the magazine Latina in its online edition Wednesday, Bratt is joining the ‘Private Practice’ cast as Dr. Jake Riley, a fertility expert and the new love interest of the star, Dr. Addison Montgomery, played by Kate Walsh.

The ABC series begins its new season Sep 29.

"He`s an IVF specialist and he is a fertility doctor extraordinaire. Bing! Why does that mean anything at all? Who wants a baby? I`m the man to give it to her!," the actor said when discussing his character.

Bratt was a regular on NBC’s ‘Law and Order’ in the 1990s and his film resume includes ‘Traffic’ and ‘Miss Congeniality.’ He starred in the series ‘The Cleaner,’ which was cancelled in 2009.

Also this fall, Bratt will return to ‘Modern Family’ in a special appearance as Javier, the ex-husband of Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and the father of Manny (Rico Rodriguez), according to Entertainment Weekly.

The ABC comedy will begin its third season Sep 21.


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