Bigg Boss 6 : When ‘Major saab’ Sidhu confronted Vrajesh Hirjee

Zeenews Bureau
Mumbai: If we were thinking that the 6th edition of reality show ‘Bigg Boss 6’ was any less controversial, then here’s something that will prove that it’s no different from its previous seasons.

On Monday, Navjot Singh Sidhu and actor Vrajesh Hirjee did the job of adding spice to the show as both were seen having some verbal collision and backbiting. Things started heating up with the announcement of this week`s task “Major Saab ki Sena” by the Bigg Boss. Sidhu was leading the squad this time and took his role a little seriously. He asked all the housemate to go through a physical drill to check there vigor and durability. Though some of them tried to oppose it but Sidhu was rigid with his decision.

Later on Vrajesh was called in the confession room by the Bigg Boss and was given a secret task. Vrajesh started talking and convincing other housemates to counter Sidhu`s call of having sturdy drills and keeping housemates awake all night long. Sidhu smelled something fishy in Vrajesh`s behavior and rebuked him and told him to stand alone near the washroom area. After a while, Sidhu again went to Vrajesh to sort out things but couldn’t do so.

The cold war between the two men continued till late at night and was only resolved when other housemates intervened in the matter and asked Siddhu to sort out his differences with Vrajesh.

By night, peace prevailed at the Bigg Boss house, but one wonders whether it is the lull before the storm.