‘Bigg Boss 7’: Are Armaan, Tanishaa really in love?

Zee Media Bureau/ Gayatri Sankar

Mumbai: ‘Bigg Boss 7’ has been instrumental in uniting hearts. Cupid succeeded in hitting the arrows at Gauahar and Kushal, who admitted being in love with each other. But Tanishaa and Armaan’s alleged love story is yet to find a direction.

We have seen Armaan fighting for Tanishaa’s dignity and at the same time behaving quite rudely with her. He has often thrown his weight around her in anger and yet the lady has always been polite and nice to him.

Superstar host Salman Khan’s intervention made Armaan realise that he was being unjust towards Tanishaa and even apologised to her for being so. Even Tanishaa was told by Salman Khan no not take insults lying down for the sake of womanhood.

And since then, Armaan and Tanishaa have been a cohesive unit. The actor has been protective about her and has often warned her to keep distance from Ajaz, who is brash. Tanishaa understood Armaan’s concerns and agreed to maintain distance from Ajaz.

Last week, when ‘Bigg Boss’ staged a mock eviction, Armaan was made to stay in a special cell and observe the conduct of his fellow inmates inside the house.

Kushal, Gauahar and Ajaz, who believed that Armaan was evicted from the house, hurled abuses at him and even poked fun at him.

Tanishaa, Andy and Sangram were upset with Armaan’s eviction (fake eviction drama).

Kushal, Gauahar and Ajaz were in a state of shock on seeing Armaan back in the house while Tanishaa, Sangram and Andy were happy.

Armaan hugged an overwhelmed Tanishaa and comforted her thus assuring her of his presence.

Their body language suggested that they had special feelings for each other. But the two are yet to admit it publicly.