‘Bigg Boss 7’: Drama, gossip galore

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2013, 10:08 AM IST

Zee Media Bureau/ Gayatri Sankar

Mumbai: In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 7’, Ajaz was seen behaving like a naughty kid and Armaan, Sofia playing his parents, as Bigg Boss had asked them to do so on the occasion of Children’s Day.

Ajaz took full advantage of Bigg Boss’s orders and asked Sangram Singh to lift him on his shoulders and also demanded a kiss from Elli, whom he addressed as ‘aunty’.

The “child’s play” took a toll on Armaan and he said that the task was to indeed getting too tiring.He said, “Yeh task mera band bajane ke liye hai”. Andy and Sofia thought that Armaan used some cuss word and confronted him. To which, a hot-tempered Armaan retorted in anger thereby creating further chaos.

Later on, Sofia and Elli fought over Andy’s nomination to the post of a captain, as the latter believed that former was too impulsive in making decisions. Sofia had earlier proposed Andy’s name for captainship on being asked by Bigg Boss in the confession room.

Andy in the meantime confronts Armaan who refuses to budge. Tanishaa tries to make peace between the two but Andy doesn’t appreciate her move and thinks she is talking in favour of her close friend.

Ultimately, people voted for Pratyusha for the captaincy thus making a fuming Andy unhappier.

But a catfight seems to be in store for viewers as Sofia and Elli were seen bitching about each other.