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'Bigg Boss 7' Finale: Moments before Gauahar Khan`s win

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi, Liji Varghese

New Delhi: The final moments of `Bigg Boss 7` were full of all the drama and the entertainment that one hopes from the show.

The four finalists Gauahar Khan, Tanishaa Mukherjee, Sangram Singh and Ajaz Khan are all set to win the show and speculations are rife. People are rooting for the ladies to win this time, and the air is taut with anticipation.

The finale is of the 7th season of the show in India with Salman Khan as the host for the fourth time. The entire season lasting 105 days has had various high emotional dramas through out.

It has seen romance brewing between Kushal and Gauahar. Tanishaa and Armaan have also been seen growing closer and closer with every passing episode.

There have been bad fights, and even a walk out when Kushal walked out in anger.

British singer and TV show host Sofia Hayat also created headlines when she filed a police complaint against Armaan Kohli for his abusive behaviour.

Tanishaa Mukherjee has often been seen in tears as she faced a lot of flak from some of the imates.

Ajaz Khan, who entered the 'Bigg Boss' House just over 60 days ago made the mood lighter by singing and flirting with everyone.

VJ Andy who was the last to be evicted from the house also provided a lot of entertainment with his jokes, pranks and constant talking.

Salman doesn't leave his fans dissapointed as he continues to entertain with every special weekend episode with dance and confronting all the housemates. The Finale however will see the superstar shake legs with the contestants of the show and the audience is in for a great time.

The finale doesn't dissapoint the audience as the 'Super' host Salman Khan enters the show with his usual panache and immaculate style.

  • Salman Khan performs with Kamya Punjabi and Pratyusha Banerjee on 'Fevicol se'.
  • Salman asks ex-contestants who they think would win.
  • Kamya and Pratyusha think it might be Tanishaa Mukherjee.
  • After a flash back about this season of 'Bigg Boss' Salman talks about each of the contestant's stay.
  • Salman points out that Tanishaa and Sangram, both stayed for 105 days each.
  • Gauhar has spent 103 days in the house. This is because of the two days she spent outside the house when she walked out with Kushal and then fell sick.
  • Ajaz Khan, who was a wild card entry has spent 63 days in the 'Bigg Boss' house.
  • Armaan Kohli enters the stage and dances with Tanishaa Mukherjee.
  • The couple dance to 'Kyon, Na Bole mose Mohan' from 'Ra.One'
  • The two also perform to 'Har Kisi ko nahi milta' in a sizzling bedroom sequence!
  • Salman Khan goes back in to the house.
  • The 'Ugly jallad' and 'Pari' arrive.
  • The show recounts the days of 'Heaven', the dog, who was every housemates favourite, and kept all of them happy.
  • Armaan and Kushal perform an act on their fights.
  • The fight club style act was quite entertaining with 'Dhaka Laga Buka' from 'Yuva' and 'Sadda Haq' from 'Rockstar' shows their competitive spirit.
  • Their last act is performed inside a boxing ring.
  • Gauahar and Tanishaa pull them apart emulating what happened during the days in the show.
  • 'Bigg Boss' ka naya twist - in a special board with all the remaining finalist's names, there is a prize of Rs 10 Lakh. The money meter will constantly keep increasing the stakes.
  • 'Dus Lakh ka lalach' - One who presses the buzzer first takes all the money, but the catch is that he or she has to leave the house.
  • The game begins.
  • The money meter starts
  • No one takes the bait of the money meter...
  • The first elimination of the evening begins.
  • Salman asks Kamya and Elli as to who should have taken the money.
  • Both of them agree on telegu actor Ajaz Khan.
  • Sangram announces the name of Gauahar Khan as the first elimination of the evening. He then adds that it was a joke.
  • Sangram Singh is the first to be eliminated in the finale.
  • Sangram exits the house.
  • Sangram's girl friend Payal Rohatagi is attending the show.
  • He says that he didn't take the 'Dus lakh ka lalach' because of his ideals.
  • He also adds that the winner prize may go to either Tanishaa or Gauahar.
  • Love birds Gauahar and Kushal perform to 'Tera Mere beech mein', reliving the days when their romance began in the 'Bigg Boss House'.
  • The couple's second act is on the song ' Kyonki tum hi ho' from 'Asshiqui 2'.
  • 'Bigg Boss' counts the allegations on the two female finalists - Gauahar and Tanishaa.
  • Now showing - The time that Ajaz Khan spent in the house.
  • Ajaz says that he is an entertainer and that's what makes him unique.
  • Tanishaa says that she couldn't say the things she wanted to say to Armaan because of the cameras.
  • Gauahar speculates that her chances to win may lessen because she is so vocal about her opinions.
  • Elli Avram does a sizzling performance on 'Yeh Mera deewanapan hai', 'Hawa Hawai' and 'Dhak Dhak karne laga'. She looks really enticing in blue - purple ensemble.
  • Salman lauds Elli's amazing performance.
  • Elli talks to Salman, says that she feels it's a great compliment that Indians think that she is Indian too. She also adds that she loves that people have appreciated her the way she is.
  • She is asked who she would like to work with, to which she unabashedly answers 'Salman Khan'.
  • Flashback of all the fun times the house had together.
  • Andy comes to the stage dressed as a clown. He performs to 'Besharam'.
  • Ajaz now dances to 'Pungi bajake' in his ever funny style.
  • Ajaz is joined in by Andy for the comic routine.
  • Sangram also joins in and then dances to 'Hawan karenge' from 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' to keep the guests entertained.
  • Second elimination begins.
  • Salman asks the ex contestants to guess who would be the next to leave.
  • They guess Ajaz Khan.
  • This time they are right as Ajaz is the second one to be eliminated this night.
  • Gauahar Khan and Tanishaa are the top 2 in the 7th season of 'Bigg Boss 7'
  • Gauahar and Tanishaa hug.
  • Tanishaa says that she honestly wanted to be in the finals with Gauahar Khan.
  • Gauahar also admits that Tanishaa is a very strong contestant.
  • Kamya Punjabi calls Salman a 'Principal'/'Proffessor', reminding how he has scolded the contestants several times for their behaviour.
  • The two finalists have their moms on the show to support them.
  • Veteran Bollywood actor Tanuja has come to the finale to support Tanishaa.
  • Gauahar Khan also has her mom attending the finalé of the show.
  • 'Bigg Boss' gives his farewell speech for this season, followed by the lights in the house going out for the final time!
  • Fireworks!!! Both the finalists exit the house.
  • Join Salman Khan on stage!
  • Salman asks Tanuja whether she watched 'Bigg Boss', Tanuja says she did to support her daughter.
  • Tanuja adds that she is proud of her daughter.
  • Gauahar's sister Nigaar has also come to support her sister. Gauahar's mom says that everyone is proud of her.
  • Kushal says that both the finalists are deserving, but his heart and mind says that Gauahar has won!
  • \

  • Armaan Kohli says that both the ladies played well, but hopes that Tanishaa will win!
  • The final moment is here...
  • The moment of truth...few tense moments in the house with both the audience and the contestants praying for their favourite!
  • The winner is announced and it's 'Gauahar Khan'
  • Model Actor Gauahar Khan wins the seventh edition of 'Bigg Boss 7'.
  • All the ex contestants enter the house to Salman's upcoming movie 'Jai Ho' song. Celebration of the win for Khan begins.

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