‘Bigg Boss 7’: I am not a part of the love triangle, says Gauahar to Ajaz

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2013, 09:39 AM IST

Zee Media Bureau/ Gayatri Sankar

Mumbai: ‘Bigg Boss 7’ episode aired on Monday opened with Gauahar trying to pacify an angry Kushal Tandon, who was apparently upset with her. After trying to make her alleged beau understand her stance, Gauahar decides to talk to Ajaz, the one who has been responsible for making her feel uncomfortable.

She tells Ajaz not to accuse her of having changed her attitude after Kushal’s re-entry into the house of Bigg Boss. She tells him that she hasn’t changed and that Ajaz is making her feel awkward.

Gauahar makes it very clear to him that she would like to remain friends with him provided he stops quantify his liking for her in ‘percentage’. She repeatedly tells him to respect her as a friend and that she has nothing beyond friendship to offer to him. She also says that she is not a part of the love triangle. (Wonder what she meant when she said, so! Doesn’t she like Kushal and isn’t Ajaz after her?)

However, Ajaz makes desperate attempts to express his feelings for her. He confesses that he likes Gauahar a lot. He says that he is struck by Gauahar’s beauty and he cannot stop himself from liking her.

Ajaz also demands a hug from Gauahar, but the lady refuses saying that such display of affection comes in a flow and that one cannot fake it.

Gauahar then returns to Kushal who continues to be miffed with her. However, in the night, the two are seen trying to clear the air between them. But Ajaz tries to disrupt their conversation.