‘Bigg Boss 7’: I won`t listen to your s*** anymore, Gauahar warns Tanishaa

Zee Media Bureau/ Harpreet Kaur

New Delhi: In the popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, which is now in its last leg, the usual camaraderie between the remaining inmates seems to have vanished thus making it difficult to maintain peace in the house.

In the recent episodes, the ‘Bigg Boss’ introduced a new task `Ticket To Finale` in which the inmates have been divided into two teams and they are supposed to complete five different tasks. The winner of this task will have the privilege of being a part of the finale.

The inmate who are part of Team A are - Sangram, Andy, Tanishaa and Armaan, while Team B members are - Gauahar, Kamya, Kushal and Ajaz. It was during one of these tasks that the rivalry between Gauahar Khan and Tanishaa Mukherji came to fore again.

The two were seen yelling at each other and locking themselves in a heated argument.

Gauahar was seen repeatedly warning Tanishaa to stop making personal comments on her, to which Tanishaa said that she should avoid using bad language.

Gauahar lost her cool and said, “I will not listen to your s*** anymore”. On the other hand, Tanishaa replied by saying, “What is not fair is not fair”.

It is known to all that the two don’t get along well, and now, it seems, their animosity is out in public!