‘Bigg Boss 7’: Is Kushal taking Gauahar for granted?

Zee Media Bureau/ Gayatri Sankar

Mumbai: Soon after Kushal Tandon re-entered the ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house, he proposed to his lady-love Gauahar on national television. The lady too accepted his proposal gladly and since then the two have been the lovebirds of the house.

However, with time, the relationship between the two has seen some turbulent moments, with Kushal taking Gauahar literally for granted. At least that is what is apparent from his behaviour towards her.

Kushal tends to blow things out of proportion and misinterpret everything that Gauahar says.

The Monday episode saw Kushal throw his weight around his lady-love after she invited Ajaz to dance with everyone. And in Tuesday’s episode, Kushal went overboard expressing his disapproval over Gauahar’s gesture of taking away a bowl of onions while he was eating.

Gauahar explained to Kushal that the bowl of onions belonged to Tanishaa and Armaan. Moreover there were few onions left for them to use so she did not want Kushal to finish the onions which belonged to someone else.

Kushal created a scene and told Gauahar that it was too rude of her to take away his food.

When Gauahar tried to explain her stance, Kushal insulted her in front of Sangram and Ajaz. The lady then rushed to the rest room and wept profusely.

Ajaz tried to console her and even tried to convince Kushal to be polite towards her. But Kushal was arrogant enough to tell Ajaz to mind his business and not interfere in his personal matters.

Kushal justified his views but Gauahar did not seem convinced at all. However, in the end Kushal and Gauahar reconciled.