‘Bigg Boss 7’: It’s raining fights with slight chances of love

Zee Media Bureau/Aparna Mudi

New Delhi: The Bigg Boss house is not a place for peace of mind, and that’s just stating the obvious.

In more fights and spats between the inmates, no one is spared from the drama that ensues. In the latest episode of the reality series, the inmates have been bickering over the smallest issues and the ‘Heaven and Hell’ concept is just adding fuel to the fire.

Kushal and Andy were seen flinging slippers at each other, and what started out as a mere prank started turning ugly. By late evening, the entire issue blew up to become a big fight with Andy turning on Kushal and telling a crying Sangram that he is not going to forgive Kushal.

The girls went on to have another spat the next morning – over a mere Paratha. Elli Avram went to complain to Gauhar Khan (the current captain) and then to Tanishaa that she was getting an overcooked paratha because she was getting biased treatment. Tanishaa decided to take matters in her own hands and went to confront Gauhar, who in turn went to talk to Kamya about the entire episode.

Meanwhile, the love story between Kushal and Gauhar Khan is not going to be on air as the couple has decided to start a proper relationship only when they leave the Bigg Boss house. This seems to be a practical chain of thought as the love stories that have blossomed under the Bigg Boss roof have almost always been star crossed. And it definitely didn’t help the duo when VJ Andy went on to tell Miss Khan that she was making a mistake with Kushal.

Let’s just cross our fingers that the cupid has struck at the right place this time.

The episode ended with ‘Bigg Boss’ announcing the Jahannum dwellers as winners and the unknown news to the inmates was the wall being broken down.

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