‘Bigg Boss 7’: Salman Khan has a tough job in hand

Zee Media Bureau

Mumbai: Superstar Salman Khan, the host of reality show ‘Bigg Boss 7’ has a tough job in hand. The hunk of an actor, who has been at the receiving end for his alleged favouritism, has had to explain his position in the recent times.

An otherwise blunt and a straight forward Khan, is now having to give explanations after her drew flak for supporting contestant Tanishaa Mukerji, who happens to be his dear friend Ajay Devgn’s sister-in-law.

On Saturday, Salman expressed his opinion of Kushal’s misinterpretation of his apology. Kushal, who was seen abusing Tanishaa was asked to leave the house after his verbal spat with his co-inmates, especially Andy. Kushal was apparently miffed with Andy, who had spoken bad about the former’s alleged love interest Gauhar Khan.

Salman was mighty peeved with Kushal’s rude behaviour towards Tanishaa and was blunt enough to tell him that he did not appreciate the TV actor’s conduct.

However, after Kushal’s eviction, Salman tried to ease the tension between him and Kushal and told him to get over the fight. But according to Salman, Kushal mistook his apology and thought that the TV actor was trying to gain mileage by saying, “Salman apologised to me”.

Nonetheless, Kushal denied any intention of gaining mileage by talking about Salman’s apology and said that he was disappointed because of the misunderstanding.

Salman was quick enough to express his views on people’s reaction on his alleged favouritism. He tweeted, “BB fans who don`t like saturday n sunday episodes, plz don`t waste your time sure u have v imp things to do. Elections coming up do vote.”

And added, “seriously if u don`t like plz don`t watch, even if 1 family member does not like it the rest shld respect that n change the channel .”

That substantiates the fact that Salman Khan is truly ‘Dabangg’.

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