‘Bigg Boss 7’: The contestants and their Toy Story

Zee Media Bureau/Resham Sengar

New Delhi: On Day 79 of the show, the participants were assigned with a new task called, Bigg Boss Ki Toy Factory, which required them to make toys.

The housemates were divided into two teams and Gauahar was made the Managing Director of the ‘toy factory’. Being the MD, Gauahar was not supposed to make the toys. The two teams comprised of Armaan, Tanisha, Sangram and Andy on one hand, and Sofia, Kamya, Kushal and Ajaz on the other hand. Both Armaan and Sofia were made the heads of their respective teams to supervise the manufacturing of toys. Bigg Boss announced the production of 50 toys to both the teams.

As expected, the toy task too lead to a series of fights between the contestants. Armaan’s team showed a winning streak and Sofia’s team stayed behind in the competition.

First, Kushal and Sofia entered into an argument as he thought a ‘dumb’ Sofia was incapable of managing the team. As a result, Kushal boycotted the task in a huff. During the later part of the day, Kushal and Armaan got into a fight over the quality of toys Sofia’s team had been producing. Similarly, Gauahar expressed her displeasure at the quality of toys Armaan’s team was producing.

Things got worse when both the teams failed to achieve their first target within the given period of time. Ajaz and Armaan employed unfair practices by snatching raw material from each others’ group to meet the production line target. Gauahar caught hold of both Ajaz and Armaan and tried resolving the issue.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss also announced an additional order which required them to produce more toys. The teams had an option to work overnight and complete the order. Fights and turbulence in the house continued even as the episode ended.

Now we have to wait and watch who wins this grueling task.