‘Bigg Boss 7’: Toilet troubles in store for the housemates

Zee Media Bureau/Resham Sengar

New Delhi: So we know that this season the ‘Bigg Boss’ housemates to experience both sides of the two worlds – the heaven and the hell – under the same roof. But the hell part is not just in name only; as the house has all the paraphernalia in place for a perfect hellish feel to the contestants.

An online entertainment tabloid reports that the plush house spread over an area of over 10,500 sq feet has a luxury living space for a pleasant stay while the hell portion has, well, Indian style toilets with no water!

Yes, if sources are to be believed then the hell inmates will have to carry their own pail of water to the toilet whenever they get nature’s call. Also, the hell inmates will be put up in a dreary vault with a garage like set-up with rough floors and walls. And to make things worse for the inmates, a warden will be on guard every time to keep a close watch on them.

Now, given such a difficult scenario, it is going to be interesting to watch who emerges meritorious for the heavens and who eventually gives up.