‘Bigg Boss 7’: War of words between Salman Khan, Kushal Tandon continues...

By Resham Sengar | Updated: Nov 24, 2013, 13:24 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Resham Sengar

New Delhi: Looks like the tussle between Salman Khan and Kushal Tandon is not over even after the latter’s re-entry into the controversial house.

On Saturday, ‘The Weekend Ka Wow Salman Ke Saath’ had the duo getting into a tiff once again, albeit for Andy this time. Ever since Kushal entered the house, he has been inciting the housemates against Andy and had even asked Armaan to maintain distance from Andy as per his mother’s orders.

While Andy lost captaincy as a result of the sudden threat to his position in the house, Salman Khan quite surprisingly stepped in to defend the VJ.

During the Saturday’s episode, Salman said that it is not Andy but other contestants who are backbiters. Further, he chided Kushal for conveying a ‘fake’ message’ to Armaan on his mother’s behalf. The veteran actor cited that he knows Armaan’s mother quite well and could not possibly believe what Kushal had said. On the other hand, Kushal maintained that he spoke the truth and Armaan could even cross check with his mom later.

Kushal even went on to apologise for what had happened in the house before he was evicted. He also explained that it was the media misinterpretation of Salman’s “sorry” that led to misunderstandings. But Salman stayed away from commenting on the topic and simply replied, “I believe you, and these things do not matter to me at all."

The show host Salman also said that it was not his decision to bring back Kushal. Had he been allowed to take a call, Kushal would not have been back at all.