‘Bigg Boss 7’: What went wrong between Armaan, Tanishaa?

Zee Media Bureau/ Gayatri Sankar

Mumbai: As the seventh edition of the popular TV show is nearing its closure, the inmates of the house have been trying to put up a great contest. And Armaan too seems to be getting into the groove and his playing his cards well.

The latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ saw Armaan and Tanishaa engage in a heated argument.

Tanishaa was upset with Armaan because he was mingling too much with Gauahar and “gang” members- Kushal and Ajaz. Armaan was so engrossed while talking to them that he completely ignored Tanishaa.

The lady then spoke her heart out to Andy telling him that she wants to spend time with Armaan but he seems too pre-occupied. Tanishaa makes it very apparent that she wasn’t happy with Armaan’s attitude.

Armaan realises that something is wrong with Tanishaa and asks her about the same. She expresses her feelings to him and tells him that he should keep safe distance from people who have always insulted him.

But Armaan takes offense to Tanishaa’s suggestion and instead says that he is a free man and no one can dictate terms to him. He tells her not to tell him what he should do and that he would talk to anyone he feels like.

Tanishaa tells Andy that she shouldn’t have told Armaan to not talk to those people and blames herself for the squabble.