‘Bigg Boss 7’: When task given by Bigg Boss triggered personal fights

Zee Media Bureau

Mumbai: The episode aired on Tuesday saw ‘Bigg Boss 7’ inmates working in tandem to execute the task given by Bigg Boss. It appeared as if the inmates had made amends and reconciled for peaceful co-existence.

The inmates had to turn into Army personnel and succeed in fight initiated by a gang of enemies in order to win a luxury budget.

Elli Avram was made the General of the Army and had to delegate task to rest her ‘armed’ forces. The army had to, in turn, protect its general from external threat and remain alert to avert possible attacks. However, Elli failed to impress Bigg Boss as the army general and was later suspended from her post. Kamya Punjabi was unanimously voted as the new army general.

However, she gets kidnapped by enemies, who was then seen sending across a message to her army to negotiate her release from captivity.

The episode ended on a rather peaceful note but the snippets shown after the episode concluded showed the inmates indulging in an ugly verbal spat.

Kamya Punjabi and Armaan Kohli were seen engaging in a fight.

Armaan refuses to follow Kamya’s instructions thereby triggering a fight. On the other hand, Sofia Hayat was seen telling Ajaz Khan that she would never like to interact with a discourteous man like him.

Tonight’s episode will unfold the complete story.

Pic courtesy: Sofa Hayat- @sofiahayat, Ajaz Khan- @AjazkhanActor