'Bigg Boss 8': Karishma Tanna prefers make-up over Sushant!

'Bigg Boss 8': Karishma Tanna prefers make-up over Sushant!
TV grab of the show


New Delhi: The baap of all reality shows on television, 'Bigg Boss' has surely been an eye-opener this season. Last night's episode saw actress Karishma Tanna clearly appearing as the 'ultimate vamp' of the house.

In an interesting task, Bigg Boss asked Karishma and Gautam Gulati to enter the confession room. The two of them were asked ten questions by the husky voiced Bigg Boss, and they were supposed to conform on at least three of the questions, to get the deals they agree upon. The catch? Both Gautam and Karishma were blindfolded, and they didn't know that inmates sitting outside were witnessing everything on the television.

Both Karishma and Gautam were given two 'Yes' and 'No' placards each. Remaining blindfolded, they answered the questions, not having the slightest clue about each others answers. The moment of truth came, when Bigg Boss asked, 'do you want Sushant to be freed from his sevak position'? Pat came the reply 'Yes' from Gautam (who is not Sushi's friend) and surprisingly Karishma raised a 'No' placard.

Well, barring one question—both Gautam and Karishma did not agree upon any. Karishma felt aghast over Gautam not agreeing to let her have her make-up back. She at length spoke about how ugly Gautam is, and how he had ditched her over make-up issue. Her constant ranting about the make-up thing left all the inmates shocked and a little annoyed. Gautam scored past her, as he maintained his look composure through out her bad mouthing.

Well, after watching that super fun episode, all we can say is that Karishma—for once spoke from her heart—all she cared about was 'make-up' and not a friend (Sushi).

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