'Bigg Boss 8': The boys gang discuss nominations!

'Bigg Boss 8': The boys gang discuss nominations!
TV grab of the show


New Delhi: The ongoing season of reality television show 'Bigg Boss' has so far managed to avoid any major face-offs barring a few hiccups here and there. The contestants seem far less aggressive than any of the previous seasons. Despite that, what came a surprise in last night's episode was the fact that like in earlier seasons, this year too the house is divided into two groups.

In the episode, it was clearly shown that once the lights went off, it was the 'boys gang' comprising—Puneet Issar, Praneet Bhatt, Gautamj Gulati and Preetam Singh, who very secretly in hush-hush tones discussed the upcoming nominations.

The 'boys gang' took names of fellow inmates such as Soni Singh, Deepshikha Nagpal and Karishma Tanna, who should be nominated for the next round of eliminations. However, as per 'BB' rules, discussing or pre-planning about nominations is barred. Now, only time will tell whether they are held by the 'Bigg Boss' or there are others too doing the same.



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