Bigg Boss 9, Day 31: Kishwer 'kicked' by Mandana, latter gets nominated!

Mandana kicked Kishwer in order to save herself. 

Bigg Boss 9, Day 31: Kishwer 'kicked' by Mandana, latter gets nominated!
Pic Courtesy: TV show still

New Delhi: On Diwali, we saw some 'real' patakas bursting inside the mad house of Bigg Boss. It was perhaps 'action' time for Mandana and Kishwer, who not only got involved in a fight but also were the main reasons why luxury budget task got stalled midway.

Last night we saw how during the task Kishwer and Prince's team had to make sure that Mandana (who was in the opposite team) gets irritated and gets down from the rickshaw. The two spilled cold water over Mandana, while Bigg Boss had warned not to use any liquid as it spoils the mike. 

But Kishwer held Mandana's mike over her face, and Prince spilled cold water on her legs. In that process, the former kicked Kishwer in order to save herself. Well, this kick created a lot of buzz and Kishwer demanded Mandana's exit. She threw her mike and so did her boyfriend Suyyash and friend-bhai Prince.

However, later Bigg Boss intervened and the matter was resolved, as Mandana got into direct nominations for the coming week and lost her right to vote anyone as part of her punishment to use physical force against anyone in the house.

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