Bigg Boss 9: Gizele evicted; Mandana accused of ‘physical violence’!

Bigg Boss Sunday episode was full of Salman Khan’s birthday celebrations and fights among housemates. Mandana was accused of ‘physical violence’!

Bigg Boss 9: Gizele evicted; Mandana accused of ‘physical violence’!

New Delhi: Salman Khan’s 50th birthday episode started with a long spat between Gizele and Nora – the wild card entrants in the house. While issues like ‘side-kick’ and ‘side-chick’ cropped up between the arguments again, Nora was angry with Gizele because the latter commented something on Nora-Prince’s budding relationship in the house.

However, this was followed by the housemates grooving to the songs of Salman Khan’s movies. After all, it was host and dost Salman’s birthday and they couldn’t miss the opportunity, right?

This was not all, there was a surprise awaiting the housemates in the garden area – Santa Clause-clad dancers thronged in the house and danced with housemates and Sallu Bhai was along with them!

Inmates next put on costumes that best suit them. Salman Khan was then given a task by Bigg Boss – he was made to search secret gifts for him in the house!

Bigg Boss then showed some of the best moments of Khan in the show. Then Sallu cut birthday cake in the presence of all inmates. Salman Khan said in a sombre tone, “I’ll never forget this!”

Gizele was evicted from the house, while Rishabh and Priya built up their strategy. Housemates got back their personal stuff back in the house!

The biggest highlight however was the fight between Priya and Mandana. Priya accused Mandana for indulging in ‘physical’ violence with her!  Mandana was later reprimanded by the rest of the housemates for the same, the latter however remained unapologetic.  

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