Bigg Boss 9: Love's in the air! Prince-Nora's lovey-dovey moments

Prince Narula proposed to ladylove Nora Fatehi -- will the love last? 

Bigg Boss 9: Love's in the air! Prince-Nora's lovey-dovey moments
Pic Courtesy: @BiggBoss

New Delhi: We all know for a fact that romance is brewing between 'Bigg Boss 9' contestants Prince Narula and Nora Fatehi.

Nora Fatehi is the new wild card entrant and has beamed with her beauty in the house lately.

It's no news that Prince is besotted with Nora and Nora too, seems to have reciprocated well. Their budding love story has taken a new shape after Prince came out straight about his "feelings" for her.

On the Christmas Day episode of 'Bigg Boss 9', Narula proposed to Nora, yes with a ring! And in front of all other inmates. Narula was careful while choosing his words and therefore, said that “love” is a big word, however, he “likes” Nora with all his heart.

We always knew Narula had hots for her, but does she feel the same?

It's early to decide where their love story will head ultimately, however, while love's still in the air, we can take a quick glance at some lovey-dovey moments shared by the two. 

Take a look:

Prince and Nora swimming in pool:

The two were seen snuggling and getting all cozy to one another when they were chilling in pool water! This was also the moment when Mandana had irked Prince by calling Nora his new girlfriend! Prince was raging mad later for this comment by Mandana.

When the two had an exotic poolside dinner date:

In a task where all women in the house were asked to propose to Prince Narula, he on the other hand had swiftly gne for his latest crush in the house – yes, Nora. 'Bigg Boss' organized an exotic pool-side dinner date in the garden area – where Prince even kissed Nora and slow-danced to 'Dheere Dheere', guys!


The 'rewind' and 'fast forward' moment during 'remote control' task

During the 'remote control' task where inmates were made to 'pause', 'play', 'rewind' and 'fast-forward' on Bigg Boss' command – Narula and Nora shared a special moment. Nora was resting her head on Prince's lap as the latter gave a gentle peck on Nora's cheek. Narula was made to rewind and fast forward the 'scene' around four times!

When Prince proposed to Nora on Christmas Day!

The house went all 'ooh' and 'aww' when Prince proposed to Nora, yes finally, on the Christmas Day. Although we were quite reminded of the episode when Prince expressed his feelings for Yuvika, this one looked more open and special. Is it make-believe or real, guys? 

Pic courtesy: @BiggBoss

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